Study Solutions’ Comprehensive Learning Skills Program Comes to Life in Our Series of Live Webinars!

Study Solutions presents another alternative to plain words-on-paper instruction for learning successful study skills. Our series of live webinars present components of the Study Solutions program in an enjoyable, easy-to-follow format that works especially well for people with auditory and visual learning styles. 

Study Solutions presents both free live webinars and low-priced premium webinars that highlight a chapter of our study skills program. Follow along and interact with knowledgeable Study Solutions hosts as they provide an insightful, in-depth treatment on a select learning-related topic.

Parents should also check out the Study Solutions webinar series “From the Teacher's Desk.” This series presents timely topics and tips for parents to help their kids succeed in school, whatever their grade level. “From the Teacher's Desk” features Study Solutions hosts as well as notable guest speakers from the field of education.

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