I took advantage of the Study Solutions college-level e-book. It helped improve my study skills so much that I aced my classes. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely buy the Study Solutions college e-book again! -- Kataline T.
Both of our sons were doing so poorly in school that we started looking for an affordable tutoring service online. When my husband came across Study Solutions, we decided to give their system a try first. Our boys' grades and their attitudes have improved tremendously! My husband and I both wish we'd had these books when we were in school!" -- Tracy E.
My high school son is smart, but his grades didn't show this. He consistently had missing assignments, which brought his grades down. Honestly, I was tired of fighting with him, and tired of all our conversations revolving around homework. Then, my prayers were answered. Study Solutions gave me a step-by-step plan that I easily implemented into our daily routine. I couldn't have done this without you. Now, my son gets A's and B's and our conversations aren't always about homework.-- Scott A.
It really works! Last year in 4th grade, it was taking my son two hours and even three hours to finish his homework. We realized how to eliminate the distractions so his study time is done in a short time period. Fifth grade has been a lot easier. -- Troy & Kelly J.
Oh my gosh - it's been the difference from getting D's and F's to A's and B's. My 4th grader and 11th grader have learned to organize, prioritize and turn things in when they're supposed to be turned in. They now know how to plan for projects. It's made a world of difference. -- Brittany R.
The best thing I learned from the system is to know when my play time is. I know exactly when and how to study, and my study time is shorter. Because of that, I have more time with my friends and playing video games, my favorite. Thanks, Study Solutions! -- Levi Q. 6th grader
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