Study Skills Quiz

Take the quiz below to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your study skills.

1. Do you use a planner or organizer to manage your time? Yes    No
2. Do you know how much time you should spend studying? Yes    No
3. Is your homework organized? Yes    No
4. Are your assignments turned in on time (no missing assignments)? Yes    No
5. Do you turn in long-term project such as a book report, science project or research paper on time (don't wait until the last minute to finish the project)?   Yes    No
Study Spot
6. Do you study in a designated spot? Yes    No
7. Is your study space neat and tidy? Yes    No
8. Do you take a snack or beverage break before your study time (not during your study time)?   Yes    No
9. Do you have the right study supplies? Yes    No
Learning Style
10. Do you know your learning style? Yes    No
11. Do you understand what you read? Yes    No
12. Do you understand what you read the first time and not have to read a passage
several times in order to understand what it is about?
  Yes    No
Test Taking
13. Can you answer chapter questions with 90% accuracy? Yes    No
14. Are you a good test taker? Yes    No
15. Can you correctly determine the format of a test question? Yes    No
16. Are you a good speller? Yes    No
17. Do you memorize spelling words easily? Yes    No
Note Taking
18. Do you know how to take notes effectively? Yes    No
19. Do you know how to write a summary? Yes    No
20. Do you know how to highlight a reading passage correctly? Yes    No
21. Do you know how to highlight what is important and not highlight an entire passage because you think everything is important?   Yes    No
22. Do you know how to outline? Yes    No
How to Study
23. Do you know how to study? Yes    No
24. Do you use a study strategy when you study? Yes    No
Organizing a Research Paper
25. Do you know the steps to organize a research paper? Yes    No
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