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I took advantage of the Study Solutions college-level e-book. It helped improve my study skills so much that I aced my classes. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely buy the Study Solutions college e-book again! Read More -- Kataline T.

College & Adult Learners

Study Solutions has produced an ebook that's a virtual survival manual for post-secondary students. How to Study Smarter, Not Harder– and Get Better Grades helps students learn how to study college-level material and thrive in academia or technical school. No subject in education is more important than knowing how to study and learn, because good study skills lay the foundation for all other learning and training.

For most students, post-secondary education and career training are a quantum leap from their previous school experience. Even students who experienced great success in high school can feel inundated by the demands of college coursework. Researching and writing multiple papers on deadline can be overwhelming. Reviewing a whole semester's worth of material when studying for a final exam can be confusing.

Learning how to study at college with our inexpensive and easy-to-follow downloadable workbook can increase your productivity and improve your grades. Simply using this guidebook can help you learn to study in college effectively and get the most out of the investment of time and money you put into your education.

How To Study Smarter, Not Harder - and Get Better Grades is a fully illustrated, 144-page ebook that will help you to:

The learning and study skills that you get from Study Solutions will serve you well beyond your college years, too. If you're a working adult, our study guide can help you throughout your career. With the constant and rapid change in today's workplaces, we are all called upon to be lifelong learners. Our study techniques will help you acquire and retain all kinds of concepts and information, whether it's abstract theory for a liberal arts class or practical knowledge to apply on the most technical of jobs.

Check out a sample of How To Study Smarter, Not Harder – and Get Better Grades for college students and adults. See how our unique approach to learning can help you succeed in your post-secondary education and in your career.

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