Top 3 Things to Get Your Kids Back to School and Back on Track!

Blog-Back-To-School-Header-V3If it were up to your kids, they would probably keep their summer schedule all year long.  You might remember that schedule – staying up all night, sleeping in all day, and playing with friends.  Actually, who wouldn’t want that schedule?  That’s why it can be so hard to reel them in and get them back into a routine.

And if you’re like most parents, you are probably more than ready to get your kids on that yellow school bus and get some structure back into your life. A new school year can bring new beginnings and a goal that this will be the best school year ever.

This year can be the best school year ever, and Study Solutions wants to help you do just that.  We’ve put together the top 3 things you can do today to get your kids back to school and back on track.  And you can make going back to school a fairly painless transition if you start on it before the bell rings on the first day.

Schedule Time[1]#1 Schedule Homework and Study Time

Start the year off right by scheduling homework and study time with your child on a weekly calendar.  Start by scheduling activities with fixed beginning and end times: school, karate, gymnastics, dance, etc.  Then look for openings to plug in homework and study time for each day – approximately 10 minutes per grade level.

Not only will this help with those persuasive pleas to do homework later, but it will also help eliminate those “time to do your homework” battles.  After all, the calendar says it’s time for homework, not you.

To keep this structure throughout the year and to encourage your child’s best work, make sure he or she uses the entire time scheduled on the calendar.  By doing so, your child will be less likely to rush through it – or worse – not do it at all.

If the assigned homework is completed early, find other ways to study the same type of information, such as games, drills, or Internet activities.  Your child could also use the time to study for an upcoming test or complete a task for a long-term project.

A calendar with all your child’s activities – including study time – shows everything that is important in his or her life, such as family, friends, exercise, recreation, and education.

To print a weekly calendar, visit Study Solutions and click on the “Free Downloads” tab.

Pick Your Study Spot[1]#2 Pick the Spot

Pick the right spot for your child to study effectively and do homework without distractions, such as computer games, TV, cell phones, pets, etc.  Whether the spot is as common as the kitchen table or as personal as a nook in their bedroom, it should be an area where you can keep an eye on them and be available to answer questions.  Also, you’ll want to see how your child is keeping up with the new material.

  • Space – include a flat surface, preferably a desk or table that provides ample room to spread out. The chair should be comfortable and allow your child to sit upright with both feet on the floor.
  • Lighting – good overhead lighting and a reading or desk lamp to aim at your child’s book or computer screen.
  • Supplies – study materials should be close to the study spot. Keep supplies in the same place and keep them organized with the materials in a basket, drawer, or on shelves in your child’s workspace. This will help eliminate excuses to look for paper or sharpen a pencil that only prolongs homework time.
  • Personalization – the study space should bring out your child’s creativity. Have fun decorating the space with pictures, artwork, or positive notes from your child’s teacher. If the study space is a shared space – such as a kitchen table – create a personalized “study placemat” with a few favorite photographs and a piece of treasured artwork. Such personal items could act as a springboard for ideas, creativity, and inspiration.

Create a Bedtime Checklist[1]#3 Create a Bedtime Checklist

To get your child out the door every morning without a hassle, make a bedtime checklist. You can get their buy-in by working on it together; include everything he or she needs to do and then plug in a couple of things he or she enjoys doing, such as listening to music or playing with the dog.  Begin with the obvious things, such as brushing teeth and setting out clothes for the next day.

To print a bedtime checklist, visit Study Solutions and click on the “Free Downloads” tab.

Following these 3 things is a sure way to get your child back to school and back on track.  If you’re looking for more detailed information or study tips to help throughout the year, Study Solutions can help.  Our How to Study Smarter, Not Harder eBooks teach kids – and adults – how to learn.  Whether it’s learning how to manage time, increase comprehension, study for a test, take effective notes, write a paper, or just learn how to study, that’s what we do!

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Things to Get Your Kids Back to School and Back on Track!

  1. Persuasive pleas canceled out by homework time on the calendar, I love this! And the study placemat…great idea! And thank you for the free bedtime printable. I can’t wait to download the eBook. It’s going to be a successful school year!

    • Hi KachinaQ,
      We’re so glad you found this helpful. We have other free downloads that you might like, too. Check out the transition words; it’s a great resource to have on hand when writing papers. Keep us posted and let us know how it’s working for you and your family throughout the year.

      Cheri @ Study Solutions

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