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About Us

At Study Solutions, passion is what drives us! Company founders Cheri Holdcroft and Cindy Romanowski are passionate about helping students and parents overcome the struggles and frustrations associated with homework difficulties and poor grades. We believe that all students – regardless of age or skill level – deserve the opportunity to reach their full academic potential and experience educational success.

Our journey started when we owned and operated a tutoring center. Parents would come to us looking for an immediate solution to end the homework battles and raise their kids' grades. Many parents shared similar frustrations, such as "John is smart, but he just doesn't apply himself!" or "Caitlyn is failing English because she doesn't turn in her assignments!" or "I can't get Connor to study." Not only could we relate to these parents, we also knew that we had the solutions to help them and their children.

Study Solutions was founded in 2006 to teach students the skills they need to be successful in school, and ultimately in life. We developed a comprehensive, back-to-basics study skills program to improve students' grades quickly, and to make parents' lives easier by putting an end to the constant tug-of-war over homework.

We are committed to providing easy-to-understand solutions for students of all ages. Information presented solely in a text format didn't work for us when we were in school, so we made it our mission to present the most effective study skills in a variety of formats that appeal to students with different learning styles.

Study Solutions founders Cheri Holdcroft and Cindy Romanowski may look alike because they're identical twins, but each has her own story and brings a unique set of skills to further the company's mission.

Cheri Holdcroft

Cheri brings more than 15 years of experience in academia to Study Solutions. She studied Broadcast Journalism in her undergraduate program, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in graduate school. She loved exploring the topic of learning styles so much that she wrote her thesis on the subject!

Cheri is passionate about student success and continues to teach in higher education. She encourages her students to pursue their educational aspirations and dreams. As she puts it, "It's about enjoying the journey and pushing students to think beyond their limits and learn about subjects they never thought would interest them."

As a visual learner, Cheri developed the concept for Study Solutions. Her goal was to present study skills that she knew worked in a format other than just words on paper. She met with her twin sister, who she knew would understand the concept, and together they created the flagship study skills program How to Study Smarter, Not Harder – and Get Better Grades!

Cindy Romanowski

Cindy knows a thing or two about how to bring concepts to life in a visual format. She's been in advertising and marketing as a graphic artist for more than 20 years. She's worked on projects in a variety of mediums for firms ranging from small organizations to some of the biggest names in the business.

Cindy is passionate about social media and the possibilities of people around the world connecting to share anything and everything. She is especially excited about sharing the best ways for students to study to achieve greater success and make their lives easier.

When Cheri approached her sister about presenting study skills in a visual format, Cindy knew exactly what to do. She believes we live in a graphic world, and it's important to present concepts and information through graphic images - not just words. After all, visual learners make up 65% of the population.

In addition to adding the visual elements to How to Study Smarter, Not Harder – and Get Better Grades, Cindy also manages the Study Solutions website. While reviewing relevant Internet search phrases for the website, she came across one that really stood out: prayers to get better grades in high school. Cindy says, "This brought tears to my eyes because I knew we could help this person."

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