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Grades 9-12

High school coursework should be an exciting and interesting challenge for young adults, but too often the high school years are filled with academic struggles and anxieties. Learning how to study for high school can make the experience so much richer and more beneficial for your child. Study Solutions' ebook for high school students provides a wealth of information about study skills and habits that will pave the way for academic success.

As young adults who revel in their increasing independence, most high school students juggle their schoolwork with a very active social life and serious extracurricular activities like sports, part-time jobs, hobbies and volunteering. At the same time, teenagers are caught up in the emotional process of establishing their identities and making important decisions about their futures. Needless to say, all of this activity and turmoil can make it hard for even a motivated high school student to focus on academics! A proven study system helps a student set good priorities, develop good habits, and make the best use of the quiet hours amidst the chaos that are devoted to study and learning.

Whether your high school student is college-bound, plans to attend technical school, or will go directly into the workforce, Study Solutions can help. Our study plans for high school will improve your child's grades and build a strong foundation for future learning and achievement.

Our 144-page, fully illustrated study guide can stand alone, or serve as a complement to one-on-one tutoring. We teach students how to study for school effectively and efficiently. Our methods help high schoolers organize and prioritize their schoolwork, increase their reading comprehension, retain test information, master test-taking techniques, and organize information for writing assignments.

The important study and learning skills included in the high school edition of How To Study Smarter, Not Harder align with the relevant national education standards for grades 9-12. These standards were introduced into nearly every state in the nation after being developed through the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Check out a sample of How to Study Smarter, Not Harder – and Get Better Grades for high school students. See how our unique approach to learning can help your child conquer the important challenges of high school.

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