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I took advantage of the Study Solutions college-level e-book. It helped improve my study skills so much that I aced my classes. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely buy the Study Solutions college e-book again! Read More -- Kataline T.

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At Study Solutions, we hear all the time about students whose struggles in school cause them to feel like failures. Too often, these students become so discouraged that they want to give up even trying to improve academically.  This can lead to seemingly endless arguments over low grades, missing assignments, and inadequate study time. Such parent-student battles are unpleasant, unproductive – and unnecessary! We know we can turn this situation around simply by teaching the effective and efficient study strategies most students never learn.

Many students’ academic challenges do not always come from the difficulty of the material being taught, but from not knowing how to study in a way that leads to real learning. Unfortunately, most schools don’t have enough time to help students learn how to study most effectively. What students and their parents really need is a program that helps them learn how to learn – a complete study system that teaches them how to get the most out of their study time, and out of their education as a whole. No more wasting time highlighting or underlining a whole page of text, taking confusing lecture notes that try to capture every word the speaker says, or pulling counterproductive all-nighters before tests and exams. Learning study skills can actually save time while enriching the educational experience. Best of all, when students learn how to study effectively, they gain a solid foundation for all other learning - not just in school or college but throughout life!

Study Solutions has developed a unique, affordable system that can help any student at any age or grade level, including adult learners. Whether you’re a parent who wants to help a first grader start school off on the right foot, or you’re a college student seeking to boost your grades, Study Solutions can help. Our downloadable e-books introduce age-appropriate study methods and study tips that teach students just what the title says: How to Study Smarter, Not Harder – and Get Better Grades! Each comprehensive workbook incorporates material that aligns with national core education standards. Students and their parents love these easy-to-use study guides that reduce frustration and time spent on homework. Our system is truly a study and homework survival program!

You can begin to assess you or your child’s current study skills with the Study Solutions quiz. Find out where improvement is needed, and check out samples of our downloadable study guides at our store to get an idea of how we can help.

You can make a huge difference in your child’s academic career and in their life beyond school by ordering the edition of Study Solutions’ study guide How to Study Smarter, Not Harder – and Get Better Grades! that’s right for his or her grade level. Read the  testimonials from our satisfied customers to see just how much Study Solutions can improve your student’s school experience!


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